Once the applicant has received the official invitation to study, he can apply for the Ukrainian Embassy in his country of residence and submit the required documents to obtain a study visa.

The list of required documents includes:

  1. The original invitation to study, which you have received by mail from the selected university.
  2. A certificate that proves completion of secondary education, which includes an extract of the received grades. This must be the original document or a legalized certified copy.
  3. The original or a legalized certified copy of the birth certificate.
  4. An original medical certificate. Please note that such a certificate is only valid for 2 months starting from the date of receipt in the hospital.
  5. A statement from the bank that confirms the student has sufficient funds to cover the costs of stay. This is a necessity for students who visit Ukraine for the first time.
  6. Three photographs for documents (3x4cm).
  7. The translation into Ukrainian or Russian of the before stated documents (points 2 to 5).

We advise all applicants to contact the Ukrainian embassy in your country of residence before collecting the required documents, as the list may differ slightly in different countries or change according to the law.

To obtain a type D visa, you must submit all the documents according to the list in the Consulate of Ukraine in your country of residence (the addresses are listed on the website of the Embassy). The necessary documents include the original invitation to study and documents proving previous (secondary) education. We would also like to state that the documents proving previous (secondary) education must be officially certified in the manner accepted in your country: certified by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Ukraine in your country of residence or have a stamp stating “Apostille” and are certified in the Ukrainian Embassy. The officially recognized documents are going to help you to easily receive the diploma once graduated.

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