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Poltava State Agrarian Academy (PDAA) is a higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation, a branch of science, education and culture in Poltava region, which has a long history and time-tested pedagogical traditions. For over a century, our educational institution has trained highly qualified specialists for all branches of agriculture and economy of our country, creative and intelligent people, scientists recognized in Ukraine and abroad, who made a worthy contribution to the development of agrarian production, education and science, the formation of social and political thoughts

Now PDAA is a modern multidisciplinary scientific and educational complex with all elements of graduate and postgraduate education, which is an integral part of the European educational space in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Declaration. The Academy consists of 6 institutes, 7 faculties, 7 colleges, a pre-university training center.

Our academy is a powerful educational, scientific, educational, cultural and youth center of Poltava region that corresponds to the current level of higher education, actively responds to the demands of a market economy, promotes the development of the agrarian sector of the state, national culture, and the formation of the elite of Ukrainian society.

The Academy consists of the faculties:

Faculty of Agrotechnology and Ecology

This is one of the oldest faculties of the academy. Its formation dates back to the 1920s. Over 85 years of existence, more than 8000 scientists of agronomists have been trained at the faculty. The faculty has a certificate on state accreditation (IV level) of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 177058 dated July 20, 2004.
The faculty is headed by, Assistant professor Marenych Nikolay Nikolaevich.

Ecology, environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources – Head, Professor, Pisarenko Victor Nikitovich.
Agriculture and Agrochemistry – Head, Associate Professor, Ph.D. N. Mishchenko Oleg Victorovich.
Plant growing – the head of the chair of plant growing, candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor Alexander Pypko
Selection, Seedling and Genetics – Head, Professor, D.Sc. Tishchenko Vladimir Nikolaevich;
General and Biological Chemistry – Head, Professor, Ph.D. Valentina Kricunova.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Currently, in the faculty there are 5 departments:

Normal and pathological anatomy and physiology of animals (headed by D.V.N., Professor Berdnyk VP)
Parasitology and veterinary-sanitary examination (supervisor – D.V.N., professor Evstafyeva VO);
Infectious pathology, hygiene, sanitation and biosafety (the head is the candidate of veterinary sciences, Professor Pereder Sergey Borisovich);
Surgery and obstetrics (headed by D.V.N., professor Kyrichko BP);
Therapy (Head – Cand.Tech.Sc., Associate Professor, Professor of the Department, Shatokhin P.P.).

Altogether 59 faculty members work in the faculty of teaching and teaching and auxiliary staff.

Faculty of Economics and Management

The Faculty of Economics and Management as a structural subdivision of the Poltava State Agrarian Academy was established in 1998 as a result of the reform of the Faculty of Economics.


Public Administration and Administration
“Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges”
“Information systems and technologies”

Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Safety of life
Sectoral engineering
Operation of machinery and equipment
Technologies and equipment for processing and food industries
General technical disciplines
Technologies and means of mechanization of agrarian production

Faculty of Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Taxation
“Finance, Banking and Insurance”

Teaching staff of the faculty of 96 teachers.
Of these: 11 professors and 56 associate professors, 12 doctors of sciences and 65 candidates of sciences.

For all specialties of the faculty, classes are held in full-time and part-time (distance) forms.

The faculty includes the departments:
Accounting (Head – Doctor of Economics, Professor Valeriy Yakovlevich Plakyenko)
Accounting and Audit Organizations (Head – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Levchenko Zoya Mikhailivna)
Economic Theory and Economic Research (Head – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Rudich Alla Ivanovna)
Finances and credit (the head is the candidate of economic sciences, associate professor Chumak Valentina Dmitrievna)
Philosophy, History and Pedagogy (Head – Ph.D., Professor Sergey Shaiko)

Faculty of technology of production and processing of livestock products

Today, the teaching, methodological, scientific and educational work on the faculties of the faculty are led by 3 professors and doctors of sciences: SL Voitenko, AA Polishchuk, AM Shostya, 24 associate professors and candidates of science, among them with many years of work – Tenditnik VS, Ulyanko SO, Vasilieva OO, Bondarenko O.M., Slynko VG, Kravchenko O.I. , Usachova V.E .:
Technologies of processing of livestock products (manager – candidate of agricultural sciences, Tenditnik VS)
Technologies of production of livestock products (manager – doctor of agricultural sciences, Shostia AM)
Feeding and zoohygiene of farm animals (head of the candidate of agricultural sciences, Ulyanko S.O.)
Breeding and genetics of farm animals (headed by the doctor of agricultural sciences, Voytenko S. L.)
Physical education and sports (head – Litvinov P.Yu.)

Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training

Department of Ukrainian and Russian languages
Department of general educational disciplines


The academy is accredited for the IV level of accreditation.
The Academy trains specialists on the basis of a license (Series LB No. 00027-000335 dated December 23, 2016)

Students study according to the graduation system “Bachelor – Master” in specialties:
Specialty “Agroengineering”
Specialty “Agronomy”
Specialty “Veterinary Medicine”
Specialty “Veterinary hygiene, sanitation and expertise”
Specialty “Sectoral engineering”
Specialty “Protection and plant quarantine”
Specialty “Ecology”
Specialty “Economics”
Specialty “Information systems and technologies”
Specialty “Marketing”
Specialty “Management”
Specialty “Accounting and taxation”
Specialty “Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges”
Specialty “Political Science”
Specialty “Law”
Specialty “Public Administration and Administration”
Specialty “Technologies of production and processingcattle breeding products »
Specialty “Philology”
Specialty “Finance, Banking and Insurance”
Specialty “Food Technologies”
The Academy trains foreign citizens and provides services for the second higher education in economic and technological fields (specialties).

Our university provides housing for foreigners. The hostel is located in the city center, in an area with good infrastructure. The quality and size of the rooms differ. In rooms live from 2 to 4 people. The bathroom is shared and is divided into several rooms. The hostel will provide you with rooms fully furnished with all necessary furniture. Also in the hostel there are common kitchens, gyms, laundries and security. As for the purchase of food and other things, not far from the hostel there are several supermarkets as well as shopping centers. Also nearby are the bus stop or the metro station with which you can easily get to anywhere in the city. The entrance to the hostel is based on student passes. A pass will be issued to the student upon arrival at the hostel. Visitors can stay at the hostel from 8:00 to 23:00.

The Consulting Group “Education and Science” cooperates with proven educational institutions that provide preparatory courses for foreign students to study at universities in Ukraine. Each student, after passing the preparatory faculty, receives a certificate of completion of the preparatory courses. Our company will give an opportunity to a foreign student to enroll in a bachelor’s program at any Ukrainian university, we will conduct all the necessary negotiations, provide a transfer, and organize a settlement to the hostel. Also, the “Education and Science” Consulting Group “is always happy to help foreign students who have used our services, our managers are always in touch and will help in any situation.

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