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National University “Lviv Polytechnic” – the oldest high technical educational institution of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, founded in 1816 as the Tsisar-Royal Real School. The University consists of 16 institutes, 114 departments, separate educational institutions, public organizations and general units.

Institute of Architecture
architecture of buildings and structures;
town planning;
design of the architectural environment;
restoration of works of art;
Institute of Building and Environmental Engineering
industrial and civil construction;
urban construction and economy;
urban construction and economy;
technology of building structures, products and materials;
highways and airfields;
bridges and transport tunnels;
heat and gas supply and ventilation;
hydrotechnics (water resources);
water supply and drainage;
Fire Security.
Institute of Geodesy
geodesy, cartography and land management;
land management and inventory;
geoinformation systems and technologies.
Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences
Documentation and information activities;
social work;
management of an educational institution.
Institute of Economics and Management
International Economics;
business Economics;
Finance and Credit;
Accounting and Auditing;
management of foreign economic activity;
management of innovation activity;
management of innovation activity.
Institute of Energy and Control Systems
automation, and computer-integrated technologies;
automated control of technological processes;
heat power engineering;
thermal power stations;
electrical engineering and electrotechnology;
electric stations;
electrical systems and networks;
electrical systems of power consumption;
management systems of production of electricity distribution;
electric stations and complexes of vehicles;
electromechanical automation systems and electric drive;
electrical appliances;
electric machines and apparatus;
energy management.Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Transport
technology and welding equipment;
technology and equipment of restoration and increase of wear resistance of machines and constructions;
applied mechanics;
robotic systems and complexes;
engineering mechanics;
technology and engineering;
machinery and packaging technology;
wheel and crawler vehicles;
Wheeled and caterpillar vehicles: vehicles;
electronic industry equipment;
processing and food processing equipment;
equipment of chemical manufactures and enterprises of building materials;
light industry equipment and consumer services;
transport technologies;
organization and regulation of traffic;
organization of transportation and management in transport (by type);
road transport;
cars and automobile economy.
Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies
Applied Linguistics;
Computer Science;
information control systems and technologies;
information technology design;
intellectual decision making systems;
Software Engineering;
software of automated systems;
publishing and printing business;
computer technologies and systems of publishing and polygraphic productions.
Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology
Computer Engineering;
computer systems and networks;
system programming;
specialized computer systems;
systems engineering;
control and automation systems;
metrology and information-measuring technologies;
metrology and measuring technique;
metrology, standardization and certification;
instrument making;
precision mechanics;
security of information and communication systems;
protection of restricted information and automation of processing systems;
protection of information in computer systems and networks;
systems of technical information protection;
systems of protection against unauthorized access;
information security management;
administrative management in the field of protection of information with restricted access;
quality, standardization and certification.
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Basic Sciences
international relations;
international information;
Applied Physics;
Applied Mathematics;
Computer Science;
social computer science;
engineering material science;
Applied Material Science.
Institute of Telecommunications, Radioelectronics and Electronics
micro and nanoelectronics;
microelectronics and semiconductor devices;
electronic devices and systems;
radio engineering;
radio electronic devices, systems and complexes;
radio communication equipment, broadcasting and television;
radio electronic devices;
electronic production;
biotechnical and medical apparatus and systems;
telecommunication technologies and means;
information communication networks;
laser and optoelectronic technology.
Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
ecology, environmental protection and sustainable use of nature;
ecology and environment protection;
chemical technology;
chemical technology of organic substances;
chemical technology of fuel and carbon materials;
chemical technology of inorganic substances;
technical electrochemistry;
chemical technology of high-molecular compounds;
chemical technology of refractory, non-metallic and silicate materials;
polymer processing technology;
technology of leather and fur;
chemical technology of food additives and cosmetics;
chemical engineering;
biotechnology of biologically active substances;
X-ray technology and engineering;
Theology of boutiques and winemaking;
Taxonomy of pharmaceuticals.

Our university provides housing for foreigners. The hostel is located in the city center, in an area with good infrastructure. The quality and size of the rooms differ. In rooms live from 2 to 4 people. The bathroom is shared and is divided into several rooms. The hostel will provide you with rooms fully furnished with all necessary furniture. Also in the hostel there are common kitchens, gyms, laundries and security. As for the purchase of food and other things, not far from the hostel there are several supermarkets as well as shopping centers. Also nearby are the bus stop or the metro station with which you can easily get to anywhere in the city. The entrance to the hostel is based on student passes. A pass will be issued to the student upon arrival at the hostel. Visitors can stay at the hostel from 8:00 to 23:00.

The Consulting Group “Education and Science” cooperates with proven educational institutions that provide preparatory courses for foreign students to study at universities in Ukraine. Each student, after passing the preparatory faculty, receives a certificate of completion of the preparatory courses. Our company will give an opportunity to a foreign student to enroll in a bachelor’s program at any Ukrainian university, we will conduct all the necessary negotiations, provide a transfer, and organize a settlement to the hostel. Also, the “Education and Science” Consulting Group “is always happy to help foreign students who have used our services, our managers are always in touch and will help in any situation.

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