The university has formed and successfully operates an infrastructure for planning and conducting research, the basis of which are: the scientific and expert council of the university, scientific and technical advice on research directions, 15 scientific schools, in particular "Research of seagoing qualities and designing of new types of ships", "Preparation and Fuel burning, Soldering and vacuum welding, Air conditioning and refrigeration, Promising energy technologies, Gas-thermal coating. Well known in Ukraine and abroad there are 7 branch laboratories and 6 scientific and technical centers, among them centers of metrological certification of polymetric systems, underwater equipment, energy saving, and environmental safety.
The National University of Water Management and Environmental Designing carries out its educational and scientific activities in accordance with the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. With the status of a state higher education institution, IV level of accreditation. The University of Water Management and Environmental Design is the largest higher technical educational institution in the Rivne region and the leading university of Ukraine. Training and retraining of specialists, including foreign citizens, is carried out in 31 undergraduate programs, 38 master's programs and doctoral programs. The University provides all the facilities for harmonious development, leisure and recreation.
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The qualifications of the theologian or the teacher of theology can be acquired in specialized Ukrainian educational institutions, which is advantageous from an economic point of view, as the tuition fee is relatively low. The training program includes not only lectures and practical classes, but also special courses taught by foreign lecturers and guest lecturers. Due to partnership with European universities, the students get the chance to study abroad and continue their training in theological studies. During the training, active religious and research activities are performed, which forms the skills of working with literary sources and drawing conclusions. The graduates may be involved in teaching activities.