Nowadays people can move across significant distances within a short space of time thanks to a constantly developing transport system that creates even more powerful and fast trains, planes, cars, and water transport. Designing, servicing and managing such transport need industry professionals who are constantly in demand and have opportunities of promotion. The students of “Transport” major can acquire higher education in Ukrainian higher educational institutions, where the qualified specialists are trained, without significantly increased tuition fee. The graduates receive internationally recognized diplomas and can be employed by occupation even in European countries or in the USA. Ukrainian higher educational institutions work hand in glove with foreign educational institutions and practice exchange of students in order to receive a double degree.

National Aviation University (NAU) The origins of the University are in aeronautical courses organized by the Kiev Polytechnic at the end of the 19th century, and the independent history began in 1933. Over almost 80 years of history, more than 200,000 highly qualified specialists have been trained in higher aviation educational institutions. Today NAU is one of the most powerful aviation higher education institutions in the world, where more than 50 thousand students are studying among them 1200 foreign students from 49 countries of the world.
The National Mining University is the only specialized mining institution in Ukraine with more than 117 years of experience. The university trains highly qualified specialists and scientists from all modern specialties of geological exploration and mining industries, energy and ecology, mechanical engineering and automation systems. This is an educational and research institution of a research type with a modern educational laboratory base and high scientific potential.
In 1944 the Kyiv Automobile and Road Institute was founded. In 1944 two departments were created - road and mechanical for the training of specialists in four specialties: highways, bridges, cars and automobile economy, road cars and mechanisms. Since September 2000 he was named the National Transport University (NTU). NTU trains specialists in 20 directions and 30 specialties.
National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" (NUOMA) The history of NUOMA begins in June 1944, when new specialties were opened for the training of marine specialists: navigation, ship power plants and mechanisms, ship electrical installations and mechanisms, ship radio installations. Over the years of Ukraine's independence, ODMA has become a leading scientific and methodological center for maritime education, which defines the philosophy, strategy and ways of improving the training of sailors in Ukraine. The basis of the Academy's work as a modern educational and scientific center is, first of all, solving of actual educational tasks, ensuring the proper quality of the educational process.
International Philip Orlik University of Applied Sciences congratulates citizens from all over the world and people without Ukrainian citizenship who wish to receive higher education and have a complete secondary education or have already studied at a certain educational qualification level in higher educational establishments of foreign countries or Ukraine. The educational process is provided by 7 chairs, which employ 78 teachers, including 9 doctors of sciences and professors, 27 candidates of sciences and associate professors, 15 graduate students, 5 doctoral students.