Submit documents for student VISA

For applicants from visa countries or countries with which Ukraine has an agreement on visa-free stay within its territory for up to 90 days (tourist, personal or business trips), it is necessary to obtain a long-term visa, which will allow you to stay in the country during the training period – visa type D “Training” .

For citizens from countries without visa space (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan), you do not need a visa. They are required to provide a copy or original “Invitation to study” during the crossing of the state border of Ukraine to confirm the purpose of arrival.

To obtain a Type D visa, you must submit the documents according to the list in the Consulate of Ukraine of your country of residence (the addresses are listed on the Embassy’s website). The necessary documents include the original “Invitation to study” and documents on the previous (basic) education. We also emphasize that the documents on the previous (basic) education must be officially certified in the manner accepted in your country: they are legalized by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Ukraine in your country or have a stamp “Apostille” and legalized in the Embassy of Ukraine. Your officially recognized documents will help you to easily get a diploma after graduation.

The document “Invitation to study” is issued by the university and, obligatory, before issuing the applicant, are registered with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. LLC “KS” EDUCATION AND SCIENCE “carries out such registration in accordance with the agreement with the Ministry and provides to the Consulate of Ukraine an official confirmation of such registration, provides visa support to citizens, which is a guarantee of the guaranteed acceptance of foreigner’s documents for the opening of a student visa. Visa support is a paid service.