Social work is directly associated with people, social workers help in solving social problems, advocate for human rights, and actively work on social policy of the state. That is, they play an important role for the comfortable living of a person in society. The profession “sociologist” (social worker) can be obtained at the Ukrainian higher educational institutions. The profession provides for close emotional interaction between people, conducting sociological surveys, processing information and forecasting the results, rendering of advisory services, carrying out educational activities in educational institutions, work collectives, employment centres, shelters, colonies, elderly homes and other public and private institutions.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • social work expert
  • social teacher
  • state inspector
  • professional adaptation inspector
  • child welfare inspector
  • educating counsellor
  • employment specialist
  • psychological medical pedagogical consultant
  • research assistant (social protection of population)
  • nonschool institution head
  • teacher of higher educational institution
  • head of department (local public authorities)
  • top executive of non-governmental organization (with respect to charity, human rights, etc.)
  • head (other official) of specialized non-profit foundation
University named after ALFRED NOBEL is one of the leading educational institutions of IV level of accreditation in Ukraine. It takes leading positions in the field of innovative technologies in education and contributes to strengthening the position of the state in the international arena reflected in its mission: we create real educational and scientific values ​​that meet the latest requirements and needs of the 21st century and are oriented towards the dynamic development of the economy and society. , European and world integration of our state; providing all who have chosen to study at the university with such knowledge and skills that will enable them to be mobile and competitive on the labor market in Ukraine and abroad. Why our university? These are only the first 12 benefits: Friendly atmosphere at the university Urgent specialties in demand in the labor market Best Teachers with World Recognition Complete lack of corruption Comfortable studying conditions, modern material base The presence of a hostel Presence of medical diagnostic center Possibility to receive a payment bonus European diploma studying in Ukraine Employment Assistance Active Student Life Autonomous heating High-quality education for a reasonable fee! THE PERSPECTIVES OF YOUR EUROPEAN EDUCATION AND CARE IS MADE IN UKRAINE!
Lviv Institute of Banking has started educational work since 1940 as a Lviv Accounting and Economics College. In 2015, the educational institution celebrated the 75th anniversary of its activities. The history of the Lviv Institute of Banking of the UBS NBU is primarily the history of development and achievements, the history of personalities and the group, which were organically linked with the history of the region and the state. This educational institution has many awards, achievements, praises and victories. They are the result of many years of work, the power of spirit and faith, the art of governance, the gift of doctrine and belief, support, humanity, mutual assistance.
Chernigiv National Technological University (CHNTU) -. is one of the leading higher educational institutions in the north of Ukraine. The activities of the university began in 1960. Accreditation level - IV (highest in Ukraine). Today it is a multi-profile higher educational institution, which includes pre-university training system, 2 colleges, 4 educational institutes, 9 faculties, postgraduate education and advanced training center, postgraduate studies and doctoral studies. In the world rankings, CSTU annually enrolls in the top 50 universities of Ukraine and consolidates its position in 12% of the world's best universities. The University is a signatory of the Grand Charter of Universities.
In September 2011, DUEP received the status of a classical university and changed its name to the Dnipropetrovsk University named after Alfred Nobel. This once again confirmed the status of the university as a generally recognized NATIONAL LEADER in the field of higher education in Ukraine. Today, the Kremenchug Institute of the Alfred Nobel University of Dnipropetrovsk is a LEADER OF ECONOMIC EDUCATION REGION.
Kharkiv National University of Construction and Architecture of KhNUBA is a higher educational institution of the city of Kharkiv. It was created on the basis of the construction faculty of the Kharkiv Institute of Technology and the Architectural Faculty of the Kharkiv Art Institute in 1930. The 9 departments and 37 departments of the university are preparing bachelors, specialists and masters for 13 specialties in the field of construction, architecture, economics, management and ecology. 17 departments are releasing.
For the 95-year-old history, the National Academy of Internal Affairs has become the flagship of departmental education. In higher education, more than 18,000 higher education students study in full-time and part-time forms. Its structure includes doctoral and postgraduate studies, educational and research institutes, postgraduate education institutes and criminal-executive service, faculties, and legal lyceum. The Academy provides educational services for the preparation of specialists in higher education for Bachelor and Master degrees in the fields of Law, Law Enforcement, and Psychology.