Social sciences, management, business & humanities

Social sciences, management, business & humanities

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#COURSESTuition (Ukr. / Rus Language) per yearTuition (English Language) per year
Bachelors $Masters $Bachelors $Masters $
1Accounting and Audit1700 – 34002000 – 36002400
2Accounting and Auditing of International Economic Activities1700 – 20002400
4Administrative Management40005500
5Banking1700 – 22002000 – 3500
6Business Economics22002400
7Business Management17002000
8Cinema And Television Art2500400035005500
9Commercial and Labour Law17002000
10Commercial Business And Trade22003200
11Companies Foreign Economic Activity18002350
12Company’s Economy18002350
13Computer and Information Systems in Management of Organizations23002500
14Country Study3500500045007000
15Cybernetics in Economics34003600
16Department of Management and Logistics23002500
17Economic Cybernetics20003500
18Economic Theory2000 – 18002350
19Economics and Business Management17002000
20Economics and Management of Organization17002000
21Economics and Marketing18002350
22Economics and Personnel Management17002000
23Economics of Enterprise2000 – 34003000 – 3600
25Finance and Credit2000 – 34002700 – 36003200
26Finance and Banking18002350
27Financial and Banking Law17002000
28Financial Management17002000
29Foeign Policy50007000
30Foreign Philology2500450035006000
32Hotel and Restaurant Management20003200
33Intellectual Property3600
34International Business4000 – 430045002400
35International Business and Advertising17002000
36International Business and Marketing17002000
37International Commercial Law17002000
38International Economic Relations4000 – 43004500 – 500050007000
39International Economics2200 – 34003000 – 45003500
40International Economics and Banking17002000
41International Economics and Finance17002000
42International Economics and Personnel Management17002000
43International Information3500 – 43004500 – 500045007000
44International Law4300 – 45004500 – 500055007000
46International Marketing and Economic Journalism17002000
47International Monetary and Financial Relations17002000
48International Relations2000 – 40002700 – 500050007000
49International Relations Politics17002000
50Journalism1500 – 43002500 – 450024005500
52Labour Protection and Aerology18002350
56Managemant2000 – 34002700 – 3500
57Management and Economic Legislation18002350
58Management of Enterprises and Administration3600
59Management of Foreign Economic Activity3600
60Management of International Business and Foreign Trade Activities17002000
61Management of Organization25003000 – 400035005500
62Management of Trade and Commercial Activities17002000
63Marketing2000 – 34002700 – 36003500
65Municipal Construction and City Economy20003000
66Office and Information Management43004500
67Personnel Management and labour Economics18002350
68Personnel Management and Labour Economy20002700
70Political Leadership and Public Administrations17002000
71Political Marketing and Public Administrations17002000
72Political Science1500 – 25002000 – 400035005500
73Practical Psychology17002000
74Professional Communication Foreign Languages18002350
75Project Management19003600
76Psychology1500 – 43002500 – 450030005500
77Publishing and Polygraphic Business3400
78Social Work3600
81Tourism2000 – 34003200 – 36004000
82Tourism Management and Hotel Business17002000

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