Specialization “Psychologist” can be acquired in educational institutions of Ukraine by the qualification level of bachelor, master or PhD. The students study by modern programs and master the skills of solving complex problems in various organizations (public, non-government and business), administrative bodies, research institutes, and provide advisory services to the population. The qualified professionals may be employed in the area of counselling and psycho-preventive and social assistance, expert services (education, sports, health care, national defence, economics, jurisprudence), engage in private practice (development, education, correctional activities). Nowadays almost all enterprises and institutions have full-time psychologist to settle the current issues with the staff.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • Psychologist (in educational institutions (preschool educational institutions, general education and specialized schools);
  • Disadvantaged families specialist;
  • Social work specialist;
  • Section (creative) chairman;
  • Consulting psychologist;
  • Career counsellor;
  • Psychologist may also hold positions which do not require in-depth professional knowledge, complex research activities, and which are mainly oriented towards solving stereotype tasks.
  • Psychologist;
  • Practical psychologist;
  • Junior research assistant;
  • Teacher of psychology in higher education institutions;
  • Consultant of psychological, medical and pedagogical committee;
  • Scientific adviser in public and non-government institutions;
  • Psychologist of marketing departments of HR companies and units;
  • Head of the structural subdivision – chief specialist;
  • Healthy lifestyle advisor;
  • Projects and programs manager in the area of non-material production;
  • Psychologist in scientific institutes, industrial enterprises and small business, in the armed forces of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies, in government bodies, in organizations engaged in the production and implementation of services;
  • Social and political advisors;
  • The head of the educational institution (secondary general education school, specialized school, gymnasium, boarding school, etc.);
  • Director of the office (methodical, educational and methodical).
Studying at the University is carried out in 19 specialties and 36 educational bachelor's and master's programs, in particular, in pedagogy, management of socio-cultural activity, journalism, accounting and taxation, finance, banking and insurance, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, trade and stock-taking, law, software engineering, computer science, systems analysis, cyber security, information systems and technologies, publishing and printing, social security, tourism, public administration and administration, international relations, public communications and regional studies and international economic relations. From the separate educational programs in computer science and management, the English language is taught in the university.
National Forestry University of Ukraine is a higher educational institution in Lviv. It is mainly located in New World. The university has more than 5000 students. There are more than 370 qualified teachers at 32 departments. Among them are well-known scientists, Honored Scientists and Technicians, Honored Workers of National Education of Ukraine, State Prize Laureates of Ukraine, Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctors of Sciences, professors, associate professors. The University was one of the first to introduce a graduate system of training specialists, as well as modular rating technology training, new information technology training based on modern computer technology and information networks. The University developed 15 state standards of education in the forestry sector, which laid fundamentally new elements of modern didactics - environmental education.
National Pedagogical Dragomanov University - the year of foundation in 1834. At present, the National Pedagogical Dragomanov offers his various educational opportunities for more than 16,000 students from all over Ukraine, as well as students from abroad, led by 2,500 teachers, 700 of them have a doctoral degree and almost 300 doctors of sciences. The University carries out training of specialists in 50 specialties of the bachelor's degree, 48-education-qualifying levels of a specialist, 52 - a master's degree.