The profession of political scientist is renowned throughout the world, it is one of the most promising and belongs to the Top-10 well-paid professions of the world (some sources refer it to the 2nd place). Knowledge in this field can be obtained in Ukrainian higher education institutions, which combine high level of training and low tuition fee on a contractual basis. The students study political ideas and concepts, problems and perspectives, culture and ideology, as well as world politics. During the training, they master analytical and research, as well as political and organizational skills. Political scientists do not face any problems with employment by occupation and can work in parliaments of countries worldwide, executive bodies (central, territorial), political apparatuses (parties, movements), research institutes, higher education institutions throughout the world.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • Political analyst;
  • Political strategist;
  • Image-maker;
  • Press secretary of public institution;
  • Press secretary of political party;
  • Manager’s assistant;
  • Youth organization speaker;
  • Public events organizer;
  • Manager’s speechwriter;
  • Member of social and political department of mass media office;
  • Senior assistant of department of higher education institution;
  • Teacher of general education schools, gymnasiums, colleges;
  • Assistant politician of a central or territorial authority;
  • Public servant of central executive bodies;
  • Member of the internal policy department of the public authority;
  • Advisor to the political party head;
  • Political advisor to the head of a public organization
  • Advisor to the head of the election campaign office;
  • Expert of the political party apparatus;
  • Political expert of non-government organization;
  • Deputy director of the youth policy department;
  • Deputy director of the social policy department;
  • Deputy director of the social planning department;
  • Deputy head of the public organizations relations department;
  • Deputy head of the department of gender equality of the ministry or institution;
  • Anticorruption bureau spokesman;
  • Head of institution press service;
  • Head of PR-office of organization;
  • Head of PR-office of commercial or non-government organization;
  • Head of corporate development department;
  • Expert of consulting agency;
  • Mass media political analyst;
  • Junior research assistant of research institution;
  • Teaching assistant of higher education institution.
University named after ALFRED NOBEL is one of the leading educational institutions of IV level of accreditation in Ukraine. It takes leading positions in the field of innovative technologies in education and contributes to strengthening the position of the state in the international arena reflected in its mission: we create real educational and scientific values ​​that meet the latest requirements and needs of the 21st century and are oriented towards the dynamic development of the economy and society. , European and world integration of our state; providing all who have chosen to study at the university with such knowledge and skills that will enable them to be mobile and competitive on the labor market in Ukraine and abroad. Why our university? These are only the first 12 benefits: Friendly atmosphere at the university Urgent specialties in demand in the labor market Best Teachers with World Recognition Complete lack of corruption Comfortable studying conditions, modern material base The presence of a hostel Presence of medical diagnostic center Possibility to receive a payment bonus European diploma studying in Ukraine Employment Assistance Active Student Life Autonomous heating High-quality education for a reasonable fee! THE PERSPECTIVES OF YOUR EUROPEAN EDUCATION AND CARE IS MADE IN UKRAINE!
The basic principle of the university's leadership is the creation of social guarantees for the younger generation in higher education, therefore, tuition fees are available. A higher education institution promotes the employment of its graduates. About 80% of our graduates are recruited immediately after graduating from the institute. Graduates of the university successfully work in public administration, banks, institutions, enterprises of different forms of ownership and in law enforcement agencies.
Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University is a powerful research and educational center with a history dating back to 1630. 9 departments of the university offer education in the field of agro-biotechnology, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, ecology, law and linguistics, postgraduate training, preparatory courses and advanced training courses. The university employs 5 research institutes, 13 research laboratories, the Institute of Postgraduate Education for managers and veterinary experts, the Institute for European Integration, the Research Institute of Economics and Business, 8 colleges, research institutions and manufacturing enterprises. The total number of students is more than 10,000.
Melitopol State Pedagogical University named after Bogdan Khmelnytsky was founded in 1923. Today it is a higher educational establishment recognized both in Ukraine and abroad, cooperates with 70 foreign scientific and educational institutions from 21 countries of the world.
The University of Banking is a leader among Ukrainian universities, who train future bankers and financiers, economists, entrepreneurs, and government executives. High quality of training, European approach to scientific activity, modern material and technical base - have become a guarantee that more than 90% of university graduates are recruited. The desire for innovation, the creative atmosphere and team spirit - distinguishes this educational institution from among others. A powerful scientific and pedagogical team brings together teachers, practitioners, scientists from different regions of Ukraine, who prepare a student not only highly educated, but also thinking, creative, ready to be a leader! During its 75 years of activity, the University has repeatedly received high rewards and recognition of influential institutions. It is the first educational institution in Ukraine, the economic profile of IV level of accreditation, certified according to international standards of quality management system ISO 9001-2008. It is here that students have the opportunity to earn a double diploma in higher education of an international standard, to practice in influential banking institutions of Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Latvia. At the University, you can gain knowledge of the MBA program and world-wide certification programs, improve your qualifications, and learn distance learning - the most up-to-date learning environment is created. The University is a member of the largest professional organizations in the world and a full member of powerful international organizations, such as the Great Charter of Universities (Bologna, Italy); International Association of Universities under the auspices of UNESCO (Paris, France), UN Global Compact (New York, USA) and others. The uniqueness of this Ukrainian university is also that it has united the common goals of institutes in different parts of Ukraine: Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv and Cherkassy. In all these cities, institutes have become powerful research centers with interesting traditions and progressive students.
On December 5, 1944, a decision was made to create the "Transcarpathian-Ukrainian University". This resolution provided for the organization of a higher education institution with 4 faculties: historical, philological, biological and medical. In 2000, for the significant contribution to the development of national education and science, the University's Presidential Decree was granted a national status and renamed the Uzhgorod National University with the fourth level of accreditation.