Mining engineering involves the development of deposits of minerals, precious and non-ferrous metals, therefore the training by this profile is very promising. The profession of mining technician (technologist) can be obtained in Ukrainian higher educational institutions of the corresponding profile. Mining as a branch of industry is quite developed in Ukraine, and therefore the training of specialists is carried out on real practical facilities (mines, careers), during the practice, the student can obtain an additional profession of assistant operator (drilling machine or excavator). Thus, the graduates get two specialties, which considerably expands the possibilities of employment. They work at mining enterprises, design and research institutes, geological exploration organizations, construction organizations (metro, tunnels, and railways).

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • manager (administrator) in the mining industry
  • mining plant site head and master;
  • mine transport dispatch operator;
  • mine dispatch operator;
  • drilling technician;
  • mine electric technician;
  • laboratory technician (mining industry, metallurgy);
  • mineral surveying technician;
  • mining process technician;
  • fireworks, pioneering and demolition works expert;
  • state mining inspector at underground coal mines;
  • mine inspector;
  • mine foreman;
  • drilling and demolition works group leader;
  • mine foreman;
  • mine site foreman;
  • mine shaft drilling foreman;
  • mine foreman at grass;
  • in-mine site foreman;
  • in-mine foreman;
  • in-mine shaft drilling foreman;
  • mine auxiliary facilities foreman at grass.
Chemical education in the Dnipro region has a long history. May 15, 1930 Initiatives Acad. L.V. Pisarzhevsky, prof. AI Brodsky and prof. P.T. A new independent higher education institution was created in Ruby - the Dnipropetrovsk Chemical-Technological Institute (DTI). This date is considered to be the official birthday of the university. The University has 8 educational buildings with modern equipped auditoriums and laboratories, 5 hostels for 2600 people, a sports complex - one of the best in Ukraine, a sports and health camp "Dubovy Gai", a sanatorium-preventorium
Most students are studying at "Ternopil National Technical University named after Ivan Puluj" by combining the values ​​of education, culture and experience. The University seeks to provide all students, the leaders of tomorrow, with the best higher education and training for their chosen career. Multilevel educational programs are focused on the experience of the best technical universities in the world. The Ivan Puluj National Technical University offers students a wide range of academic programs and subject courses. Future students are also offered preparatory courses (one year long) and the regional CISCO academy, IT skills and career development. Graduates continue their careers all over the world and advance in science, industry and commerce.
Cherkasy State Technological University (CHTTU) is a modern higher educational institution with advanced educational, scientific and technological infrastructure, high intellectual potential. Provides qualitative training in 39 specialties. The 55-year history of the university is connected with the formation and development of engineering, economic and humanitarian education in the Cherkasy region, which provided educational activities in accordance with state standards, taking into account the demand for the international labor market. Scientific achievements and developments of CSTU are widely known in Ukraine and abroad, scientific and technical activities are at a high level and are aimed at the effective solution of important scientific and technical problems, activation of innovation activities, introduction of new technologies and models in practice.
Material and technical base: library, information and computer center, 30 computer classes, more than 1000 personal computers, linguistic center, 2 student dormitories, sanatorium-preventorium.
Poltava University of Economics and Trade (PUT) is one of the leading universities in Central Ukraine. He teaches professionals in the field of information technology, management and administration, social and behavioral sciences, culture and art, services industry, food technology, biotechnology, law, philology. Of all the universities in Ukraine, foreign students are considered open and friendly to PUET. More than 300 students from 20 countries came to choose Poltava University of Economics and Trade as the foundation for their future career.
Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (IFNTUOG), founded in 1967, is a leader in the market of high-tech technical and non-technical training services in the energy sector of Ukraine. Recognizing our special commitment to training oil and gas industry professionals, our university offers a unique combination of teaching, training and industrial-oriented skills.