The study of Chemistry at Ukrainian education institutions is known for its quality of education and focus on practice. During the study, students work in modern laboratories on current scientific topics and receive skills to succeed finding work in the chemical industry, enterprises in energy sector, machine-building and so on, where chemistry specialists are needed. The training of chemists is carried out in accordance with the educational level of the Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of Philosophy. After successfully defending the thesis, the following possibilities are opened: employment as a chemist-laboratory assistant, chemist-analyst, chemistry manager, control inspector. Graduates can work in an enterprise or set up their own analytical laboratory as well as carry out academic activities at higher education institutions.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • Scientist
  • Laboratory Engineer in a laboratory specialized in medicine, pharmaceutical food or chemistry;
  • Ecological service and sanitary-epidemiological station worker
  • Worker in the learning management system (head of educational institutions, methodologist of departments of education).
Vinnytsia State Agrarian University Vinnytsia State Agrarian University was founded in 1978 when the Regional School of Agriculture was founded. After receiving independence from the Academy in April 1991, the branch was renamed Vinnytsia State Agricultural Institute and after a year received state accreditation. About sixty thousand students study at the institutes and colleges of the University at six faculties (agronomy, management, agricultural mechanization, accounting and auditing, finance and economics, animal husbandry faculty).
Vinnytsia National Technical University Vinnytsia National Technical University is a well-known educational institution both in Ukraine and far beyond its borders. 6,000 students study at the university's departments, 1.5 thousand are absent. The training at VNTU, which has IV accreditation level, is carried out according to the scheme "Bachelor - Master of Engineer" according to curricula, which integrate the best features of the Ukrainian and Canadian higher education systems.
Volodymyr Vynnychenko Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University is an authoritative and well-known university in the system of higher education of the country, which is included in the TOP-200 list of the best educational institutions of Ukraine, being 122th. The University prepares specialists in pedagogical and prestigious classical specialties, has excellent cultural and educational traditions and creates unique opportunities for self-realization of youth in cognitive, scientific, public and other fields of activity, giving students a high level of education, worthy of the best universities in the world. TsGPU them V. Vynnychenko has IV (highest) level of accreditation.
National University "Kharkiv Law Academy named after Yaroslav the Wise" The history of the University began from the XIX century. When on November 17, 1804, on the orders of Emperor Alexander I, the Kharkov Imperial University was established, which included the Department of Moral and Political Sciences. In 1835, he was officially renamed the Faculty of Law of the University. The University makes a significant contribution to the development of the rule of law, improvement of the law-making process and enforcement. University scientists took direct part in the development of the current Constitution of Ukraine and other normative legal acts.
Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University is one of the oldest classical universities in Ukraine. On March 31, 1875, the Chernivtsi University was founded by the decree of the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef, the first rector of which was Konstantin Tomashchuk. The training of almost 20 thousand students is carried out in 54 specialties, 69 specialties. There are 87 departments.
The existence of an educational institution began in 1900 when a seven-year technical school was set up in Zaporozhye, which trained specialists in secondary education - mechanics. Over the years of its existence, the University has trained over 85,000 professionals, including about 1,500 foreign nationals from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America.