The study of Chemistry at Ukrainian education institutions is known for its quality of education and focus on practice. During the study, students work in modern laboratories on current scientific topics and receive skills to succeed finding work in the chemical industry, enterprises in energy sector, machine-building and so on, where chemistry specialists are needed. The training of chemists is carried out in accordance with the educational level of the Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of Philosophy. After successfully defending the thesis, the following possibilities are opened: employment as a chemist-laboratory assistant, chemist-analyst, chemistry manager, control inspector. Graduates can work in an enterprise or set up their own analytical laboratory as well as carry out academic activities at higher education institutions.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • Scientist
  • Laboratory Engineer in a laboratory specialized in medicine, pharmaceutical food or chemistry;
  • Ecological service and sanitary-epidemiological station worker
  • Worker in the learning management system (head of educational institutions, methodologist of departments of education).
On July 15, 1834, on the day of the memory of the holy Apostolic Prince Vladimir, the grand opening of the university took place. Decades passed, the generations of graduates changed, each of which increased the greatness and fame of alma mater. Today, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University is a classical university of research type, the leading contemporary scientific and educational center of Ukraine. The high status of the classical university of a research type is confirmed by numerous scientific victories of scientists - university staff. Today, the scientific potential of the university is over 60 active members and correspondent members of the National Academies of Sciences of Ukraine, 626 doctors of sciences, 1697 candidates of sciences. The University carries out the training of specialists for the educational qualification levels "junior specialist", "Bachelor", "Specialist", "Master" and personnel of higher qualification through postgraduate studies and doctoral studies. Kyiv University maintains extensive international contacts with universities around the world. The University has partnered with 227 foreign educational and research institutions from 57 countries of the world. The University takes an active part in increasing the recruitment of foreign students. The number of foreign citizens enrolled in higher education at the university is 935 people. An increase in the recruitment of foreign citizens was facilitated by the introduction of Russian and English language educational programs.
The Tavria National University named after VI Vernadsky is a university-startup, it is an expanded international cooperation, continuous student internships in the universities of the world, it is an opportunity to study simultaneously in several specialties and receive, in addition to the Ukrainian diploma of state standard, diplomas from universities in Europe, Asia and the USA. . It is an opportunity to study with a convenient schedule and choose the pace of training according to their needs, as well - to engage in research activities already during the training
The scientific work of the teaching staff of the University is aimed, first of all, at: providing organizational and pedagogical, scientific and methodological conditions of the educational process with the aim of training specialists in accordance with modern requirements; to expand and strengthen the university's scientific and informational base taking into account the latest achievements of domestic and foreign science and technology; training of scientific and pedagogical and scientific personnel for the university, other educational institutions and research institutions of the region and Ukraine; development of topical research projects financed from the state budget. Scientific activity is carried out in accordance with the consolidated thematic plan for 48 departments, according to the thematic plan of research work of the research sector; according to the plans of the research departments of departments and research laboratories. The syllables of the univercity are developed by 12 priority groups, including collective collections and 7 scientific projects, which are at the competitive level and target state financing from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
One of the main directions of international relations of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture is the training of specialists for foreign countries. This activity was founded in the 1960s. The Academy created an educational-methodical department for artistic education of foreign citizens. Since then, more than 250 painters, graphic artists, sculptures for different countries of the world - Afghanistan, Vietnam, China, and Cuba have been trained. Now the Academy actively continues to develop creative relationships with art schools of many countries of Europe and other continents: Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Poland, Finland, France, China, USA. The main principle of educating artists at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture was and remains training in the field of individual educational and creative workshops, which are part of the vypukkayuschih cafeteria. The masterclasses of the masterclims represent the publishing artists-pedagogues. The transition from students to MasterChim will be followed by the second course, and will last two years in comparative study in Akademy.
Lviv National Music Academy named after MV Lysenko is one of the oldest musical colleges in Central and Eastern Europe. The history of the birth of LNMA named after MV Lysenko reaches the end of the XVIII century. Friederick Chopin Jozef Elsner and the younger son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Casaver Mozart, who, with their pedagogical and social activities, laid the foundation for the creation of the Conservatory in 1853 at the Galician Music Society
Ostroh Academy National University is the successor of the Ostroh Slavic, Greek and Latin Academy, the first higher educational institution of the Eastern Slavs. The Chronicles of the Revived Ostroh Academy in Independent Ukraine began in 1994 by the Decree of the President of Ukraine. In October 2000, the Ostroh Academy officially became a National University. The University has 5 faculties and the Institute of Law. I. Malinovsky, who offer 16 prestigious specialties: Faculty of Political Studies and Information Management ("Documentation and Information", "Political Studies", "Psychology"); Faculty of Economics ("Finance", "Economic Cybernetics"); Faculty of Romano-Germanic languages; Faculty of Humanities ("Culturology", "Ukrainian Philology", "Journalism", "Literary Studies", "Religious Studies", "Theology"); Faculty of International Relations ("History", "Country Studies", "International Relations"); Institute of Law of. I. Malinovsky ("Law").