The study of Chemistry at Ukrainian education institutions is known for its quality of education and focus on practice. During the study, students work in modern laboratories on current scientific topics and receive skills to succeed finding work in the chemical industry, enterprises in energy sector, machine-building and so on, where chemistry specialists are needed. The training of chemists is carried out in accordance with the educational level of the Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of Philosophy. After successfully defending the thesis, the following possibilities are opened: employment as a chemist-laboratory assistant, chemist-analyst, chemistry manager, control inspector. Graduates can work in an enterprise or set up their own analytical laboratory as well as carry out academic activities at higher education institutions.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • Scientist
  • Laboratory Engineer in a laboratory specialized in medicine, pharmaceutical food or chemistry;
  • Ecological service and sanitary-epidemiological station worker
  • Worker in the learning management system (head of educational institutions, methodologist of departments of education).
Kryvy Rih National University was founded on October 4, 1922, as the Kryvy Rih Evening Workers' College. In 1929 the technical school was transformed into an evening labor institute, and from 1931 - in the Kryvy Rih mining institute. Since 1994 the institute has acquired the status of a technical university. In 2011, the Kryvy Rih State University was established, which was granted the status of a national one. Currently, the Krivoy Rog National University comprises 8 faculties, two research institutes, and six colleges.