Medical courses

Medical courses

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COURSESTuition (Ukr. / Rus Language) per year ($)Tuition (English Language) per year ($)
BachelorsMasters / PGEBachelorsMasters
1General Medicine25004500
4Medical and Pharmaceutical Management1500270022003300
5Medical Psychology1500200019002600
6Obstetrics and GynecologyFrom $4000From 4700
7Allergology and ImmunologyFrom $4000From 4700
8GastroenterologyFrom $4000From 4700
9GeneticsFrom $4000From 4700
10Child GynecologyFrom $4000From 4700
11Child Infectious DiseasesFrom $4000From 4700
12Child DentistryFrom $4000From 4700
13Child SurgeryFrom $4000From 4700
14Medical Intensive Care and TherapyFrom $4000From 4700
15Infectious DiseasesFrom $4000From 4700
16Clinical PharmacologyFrom $4000From 4700
17CardiologyFrom $4000From 4700
18Skin and Venereal DiseasesFrom $4000From 4700
19Combustology and Plastic SurgeryFrom $4000From 4700
20Radio Diagnosis and TherapyFrom $4000From 4700
21Neurology (child and general)From $4000From 4700
22NeurosurgeryFrom $4000From 4700
23OncologyFrom $4000From 4700
24OrthodonticsFrom $4000From 4700
25Orthopedic dentistryFrom $4000From 4700
26OphtalmologyFrom $4000From 4700
27Pathological AnatomyFrom $4000From 4700
28PediatricsFrom $4000From 4700
29Infant CareFrom $4000From 4700
30Prophylactic DentistryFrom $4000From 4700
31Psychiatry and narcologyFrom $4000From 4700
32PulmonologyFrom $4000From 4700
33RheumatologyFrom $4000From 4700
34Family MedicineFrom $4000From 4700
35Traumatology and OrthopediaFrom $4000From 4700
36UrologyFrom $4000From 4700
37PhysiotherapyFrom $4000From 4700
38Abdominal SurgeryFrom $4000From 4700
39Thoracical SurgeryFrom $4000From 4700
40Dental SurgeryFrom $4000From 4700
41EndocrinologyFrom $4000From 4700

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