The powerful industrial base and the world-famous missile-space enterprises allow for organization of high-quality training of specialists in Ukrainian higher educational institutions. The students of the major “Aviation and Rocket and Space Equipment” acquire qualitative knowledge in the design, manufacture of technology (space, aviation), computer technology, aviation material science, specializing in the construction of aircraft and aircraft engines. The class hours include lectures held by qualified teachers and honours in this field, practical classes involve using modern laboratory equipment and real industrial facilities. Moreover, the students attend conferences and undergo internships abroad supported by the grants. The specialists in mechanics can work at aviation factories and aerospace enterprises

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • design engineer;
  • aerodynamic engineer;
  • aircraft maintenance and repair engineer;
  • application programmer;
  • data base administrator;
  • CAD system designer.
National University "Lviv Polytechnic" - the oldest high technical educational institution of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, founded in 1816 as the Tsisar-Royal Real School. The University consists of 16 institutes, 114 departments, separate educational institutions, public organizations and general units.
National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" (NUOMA) The history of NUOMA begins in June 1944, when new specialties were opened for the training of marine specialists: navigation, ship power plants and mechanisms, ship electrical installations and mechanisms, ship radio installations. Over the years of Ukraine's independence, ODMA has become a leading scientific and methodological center for maritime education, which defines the philosophy, strategy and ways of improving the training of sailors in Ukraine. The basis of the Academy's work as a modern educational and scientific center is, first of all, solving of actual educational tasks, ensuring the proper quality of the educational process.
National University of Food Technology (NUFT) Today NUFT is the only university and one of the oldest higher education institutions in Ukraine, which trains highly qualified specialists of the educational qualification levels of bachelor, specialist and master of 20 specialties and 44 specialties for food, meat and dairy , microbiological, pharmaceutical and other industries. The technology of food, meat and dairy products, pharmaceuticals, and microbiological production along with economics and management are the main disciplines in the university curriculum, which guarantees wide career opportunities in the future. NUFT has the status of a higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation.