MBA in Ukraine

Ye.duchation in ukraineIt is gaining popularity according to different directions. Surely, choosing a school, you were wondering: what is MBA? Now in Ukraine there are about 10 schools, offering to get a diplomaMaster of Business Administration – MBA.

MBA degree -it is not a traditional academic degree, it is a certain professional level for business and competent management. In the process of teaching the basic disciplines are management and those close to him knowledge, to provide the skills level of senior executives.

MBA coursesUkraine is a high level of education, built on world standards of business administration programs. Therefore, this course is very interesting for foreign students. Such specialists are in demand in various business sectors, which tend to develop the international market. MBA finance program allows you to expand your knowledge and contacts in the field of management technology.

MBA medical college course is a postgraduate education which allows to master the skills of health services management and general management in a rapidly growing health care industry.

MBA medical studentAfter completion of the course can apply for the position control clinic, as has knowledge in these two directions. To deepen existing knowledge are invited as experts with experience or owners of micro-businesses (private clinics, laboratories), graduates ukraine medical college.

Separately want to note the MBA consulting, which is one of the most popular and challenging professions at the same time, the prestigious and highly paid. Students acquire knowledge for project management and development documentation. Training courses are focused on the international market and provide only relevant information and practices.

After a study in Ukraine for the MBA program, graduates receive a diploma, which is the application of the European standard. Thanks to the cooperation of Ukrainian schools with European and American counterparts, students are able to receive, for example, a Swiss diploma (after additional courses) or at the same time get a Ukrainian and a Canadian or French education.Our company provides comprehensive assistance to foreign students wishing to study in Ukraine and in the European schools for mba student. We provide support at all stages of the design documents.This support allows you to perform all the university requirements on time, declines in the training of the candidate questions that have a certain specificity, for example, negotiations with representatives of the institution, matching sets of documents and dates of arrival, registration of accompanying documents and moving from one country to another, setting issues that have arisen during the period of training and assistance in obtaining additional education in Ukraine and abroad.

The top 5 mba school in Ukraine includes: BSK (Business School Krok), International Management Institute, KMBS (Kyiv-Mohyla Business School), Lviv Business School, International Institute of Business. All of them proved to be positive among foreign students who wish to obtain a diplomaMBA.

In addition to the standard MBA course offers a special course EMBA – Executive MBA is aimed at experienced managers who want to study in depth the modern management approaches divisions of the company: finance, marketing, IT-and HR-department and sales department.

MBA strategyteaching is that:

– Training combines the interaction with the teacher and peers to master theoretical and practical knowledge;

– actively use modern teaching methods based on group projects, business games, training and analyzing practical examples of effective business project management.

-training is carried out in two ways: full-time and distance learning mba.

Full-time education allows to combine education and work or education in another school – executive MBA – program is designed for part-time work. Online MBA helps both with its main activity is studying in another city or country, for example, in the Kiev university and the University of Germany. In this case, the interaction with teachers via the Internet in the form of distance study online courses, online communication, control of knowledge through online testing or performing presentations.

For any questions you can contact our specialists, who will help you choose an educational institution and to prepare all the necessary documents as soon as possible.