Mathematics and statistics
Donetsk National University named after V. Stus is a powerful scientific and educational complex of higher level IV accreditation, one of the leading universities of the country. DonNU named after V. Stus maintains connections with more than 70 universities of the world, is a member of the Association of Universities of Europe, participant of numerous European scientific and educational programs TEMRUS.
The existence of an educational institution began in 1900 when a seven-year technical school was set up in Zaporozhye, which trained specialists in secondary education - mechanics. Over the years of its existence, the University has trained over 85,000 professionals, including about 1,500 foreign nationals from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America.
Material and technical base: library, information and computer center, 30 computer classes, more than 1000 personal computers, linguistic center, 2 student dormitories, sanatorium-preventorium.
Zhytomyr Military Institute named after S.P.Korolov is a modern higher educational institution that trains specialists in intelligence, information security, radioelektonii struggles, information and telecommunication systems, information security, the use of unmanned aeronautical complexes for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other central executive bodies, and also civilian specialists in specialties: "Telecommunications and radio engineering", "Cyber ​​security", "Automation and computer integrated technologies" and "Power engineering, lectrotekh Ica and Ica elektromehan. " In addition, on the basis of a military institute, training of specialists under the reserve officers program is carried out.
Founded in 1930, the Kharkiv National Automobile Highway University has a huge experience of training specialists for foreign countries. In 1948 the university received its first foreign students. Today, more than 3,000 HNADU graduate professionals successfully work in more than 70 countries of the world.
Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE) is the higher educational institution in Ukraine of the IV level of accreditation. KNURE is a unique technical university, the only specialized university in Ukraine, which concentrates almost all the specialties connected with information technologies, radio engineering and electronics. More than 12,000 students study in 34 specialties at the university.