The profession “Journalist” is very interesting and exciting; it can be mastered in educational institutions of Ukraine, inviting active, creative and purposeful youth to study in. The students master journalistic skills from leading lecturers and specialists in this area, constantly communicating with their colleagues, attending master classes and conferences. The students have practice in reflecting current events and phenomena (social, political, cultural), being motivated by moral and ethical standards, current legislation, human rights. The graduates hold positions of: journalists (of newspapers, radio, television), managers (mass media, advertising, PR), heads (of press centres, cultural departments, advertising, information organizations), editors.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • Art director (project manager in show business, publishing, cinema, design, entertainment industry, etc.);
  • Creative director (naming, creating and brand development manager, specialist in advertising strategic planning);
  • PR director (prestige improvement specialist, image-maker in politics and show business);
  • Advertising designer (specialist in corporate identity development for projects and products of the company);
  • Advertiser (specialist in advertising development and distribution);
  • Press secretary of the heads of non-governmental, political, commercial and state institutions (specialist in information collation and analysis);
  • Advertising agent and customer manager (specialist in customer service and advertising strategy development);
  • Public relations manager (specialist in organizing and holding special PR events, promotions, etc.);
  • Copywriter and speechwriter (specialist in writing advertising copies or slogans, texts of speeches, reports for senior officials of the state, politicians, public figures or businessmen);
  • Media buyer (specialist buying air time on radio and television, advertising space in print and electronic media);
  • Media planner (specialist in development of media strategy for brands);
  • TV and radio presenter (holding and developing programs), etc.
Poltava State Agrarian Academy invites to study in the postgraduate study program at the Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training (language training in engineering and medical and medical-biological directions) and in the main faculties of the chosen specialty (OBR "Bachelor" and "Master"). For 37 years, the Poltava State Agrarian Academy has trained foreign citizens to enter different Ukrainian higher education institutions and provides qualified education services for higher education to foreign citizens from around the world. Welcome to Poltava State Agrarian Academy!
Poltava University of Economics and Trade (PUET) is one of the leading universities in Central Ukraine. He trains specialists in the field of information technology, administration and administration, social and behavioral sciences, culture and art, services, technology of food production, biotechnology, law, philology. Among all Ukrainian universities, PUET is considered to be open and friendly for foreign students - more than 300 students who come from 20 countries of the world, have chosen PUET as the basis for their future career.
European University Private Higher Educational Institution The European University was founded in 1991. During its 25 years of operation, the University has gained significant authority among the educational and business community in Ukraine. Today's European University is a modern multi-disciplinary institution. Tens of thousands of future specialists are trained and retrained here according to different forms of training. Creation of a new higher educational institution was the answer to the challenges of time and the needs of young independent Ukraine in new specialists: managers, marketers, economists, computer specialists.
The International Economic and Humanitarian University named after Academician Stepan Demyanchuk is the first private educational institution in Western Ukraine. Its formation began in 1993. According to the decision of the International Pedagogical Academy (IPA), the Rivne Scientific-Consultation Center (branch of the IPA), registered with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine as an institution with the right of training of specialists with higher education, started its activity. Over the past 16 years, the University has trained over 13,000 highly skilled professionals who have received state-level diplomas.
International Philip Orlik University of Applied Sciences congratulates citizens from all over the world and people without Ukrainian citizenship who wish to receive higher education and have a complete secondary education or have already studied at a certain educational qualification level in higher educational establishments of foreign countries or Ukraine. The educational process is provided by 7 chairs, which employ 78 teachers, including 9 doctors of sciences and professors, 27 candidates of sciences and associate professors, 15 graduate students, 5 doctoral students.