The profession “Journalist” is very interesting and exciting; it can be mastered in educational institutions of Ukraine, inviting active, creative and purposeful youth to study in. The students master journalistic skills from leading lecturers and specialists in this area, constantly communicating with their colleagues, attending master classes and conferences. The students have practice in reflecting current events and phenomena (social, political, cultural), being motivated by moral and ethical standards, current legislation, human rights. The graduates hold positions of: journalists (of newspapers, radio, television), managers (mass media, advertising, PR), heads (of press centres, cultural departments, advertising, information organizations), editors.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • Art director (project manager in show business, publishing, cinema, design, entertainment industry, etc.);
  • Creative director (naming, creating and brand development manager, specialist in advertising strategic planning);
  • PR director (prestige improvement specialist, image-maker in politics and show business);
  • Advertising designer (specialist in corporate identity development for projects and products of the company);
  • Advertiser (specialist in advertising development and distribution);
  • Press secretary of the heads of non-governmental, political, commercial and state institutions (specialist in information collation and analysis);
  • Advertising agent and customer manager (specialist in customer service and advertising strategy development);
  • Public relations manager (specialist in organizing and holding special PR events, promotions, etc.);
  • Copywriter and speechwriter (specialist in writing advertising copies or slogans, texts of speeches, reports for senior officials of the state, politicians, public figures or businessmen);
  • Media buyer (specialist buying air time on radio and television, advertising space in print and electronic media);
  • Media planner (specialist in development of media strategy for brands);
  • TV and radio presenter (holding and developing programs), etc.
Uman National University of Horticulture is a multi-profile higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation, where specialists are trained in licensed specialties of the educational level "Bachelor", "Specialist", "Master" and personnel of higher qualification through postgraduate studies and doctoral studies. Students' education is carried out in 15 areas and 24 specialties. The university consists of 6 faculties: (agronomy, fruit and vegetable, ecology and plant protection, management, economics and entrepreneurship, engineering and technology, forestry and garden and park management), the Institute of Postgraduate Education, the educational and research department, the department of pre-university training, Department of International Relations, Center for Culture and Education. The international scientific activity of the University is conducted within the framework of 32 agreements on cooperation with foreign educational institutions, scholarship programs and grants.
Created in accordance with the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 3, 2014 № 788-р "Some issues of the formation of the University of Customs and Finance, and the Finance" by the way of the organization of the Akademii and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk state-level financial academy and putsim ix prihodineniya to the Univercity of the customs and financial affairs.
The University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine has provided all the conditions for successful training, created the proper material and technical base: an auditorium, a powerful scientific and pedagogical potential, organization of life and leisure students, information provision. The students are equipped with modern educational laboratory buildings, scientific and electronic libraries with reading rooms, congress hall, atrium, assembly halls, dining room, youth cafes, medical facilities and modern dormitories. Students can study on the courses of intensive study of foreign languages, computer theory; Participate in the work of the student scientific community, the organizations of self-management, creative collectivists, and the spontaneous life of the Univercity.
Kharkiv National University is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. Founded in November 1804 on the initiative of the outstanding educator VN Karazin, according to the letter of Alexander I. Kharkiv University - the only one in Ukraine where three Nobel Prize laureates were trained and worked - biologist I. Mechnikov, economist S. Kuznets, physicist L. Landau Over the years of existence, the university graduated over 130 thousand people. The names of university students are immortalized in geographical names, names of space objects, plants and minerals, laws and formulas. The university was at the root of the entire higher education of the Kharkiv region. An indication of the wide international recognition of the University is that he was one of the initiators of the signing of the "Charter of the Universities" (Bologna, 1988), co-founder of the Eurasian Association of Universities, takes an active part in the activities of the World and European University Associations, teaches about 3000 foreign students, postgraduates and doctoral students, training personnel for 50 countries of the world, under contracts of educational and scientific cooperation with more than 100 universities and other organizations of all continents.
Precarpathian National University named after Vasyl Stefanik has been the leading educational, scientific, and cultural center of the Carpathian region for the past 76 years - a dynamic European University University. It is a university that has a wide range of contemporary specialties. Precarpathian National University named after Vasyl Stefanyk enjoys international recognition and integration with European universities, actively introduces programs of double diplomas with leading universities of the world. Today Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University is a modern educational and research center with well-developed infrastructure, recognized scholarly schools, permanent international relations and high potential on the path to the best European standards of higher education.
Donetsk National University named after V. Stus is a powerful scientific and educational complex of higher level IV accreditation, one of the leading universities of the country. DonNU named after V. Stus maintains connections with more than 70 universities of the world, is a member of the Association of Universities of Europe, participant of numerous European scientific and educational programs TEMRUS.