Preparatory department

After having chosen a place of study and received an Invitation to study, all foreigners are recommended to undergo a preparatory course in Ukraine. This is very important for a future student and has a range of benefits.

Firstly, during the preparatory study year entrants learn the language in which the courses are conducted (course, undergraduate training, and conferences); they also socialize with people in the hostel, transport, shops, etc. Usually it is English, commonly spoken Russian and state Ukrainian language. Knowledge of a language is a compulsory condition and is demanded from the student to be accepted on the course. Therefore, in case of a language barrier, the preparatory department is obligatory. If the entrant speaks at least one of the listed languages, such training is a personal preference.

Secondly, the future student gets acquainted with the place of study (university, faculty, and department), learns more detailed information about the future specialty and takes a course of lectures on basic subjects, socializes and establishes friendly relations with other students. The curriculum at the preparatory department is carried out according to special contemporary programs and adapted to a certain area of the future professional activity. Future industrial engineers study Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Drawing, and Computer Science. If the entrant chooses the medical and biological or agrarian faculty, they study Language, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science. The economic department involves studying Language, Mathematics, Geography, Economics and Computer Science. The humanitarian faculty studies Language, Literature, Geography, and Computer Science.

Thirdly, preparatory courses implement the educational activities. They tell the history and traditions of the country, conduct city or country tours, help to adapt to new everyday life (which transport to use, how to make money transfers and check the exchange rate, where the banking institutions, hospitals, places of rest, etc. are located.)

The academic year consists of two semesters ending with the exam session. Upon successful completion of the training at the preparatory department, the student is given a state-issued certificate, which allows continuing education in the chosen university or any other education institution of Ukraine according to the chosen specialty. Enrolment of students who have a certificate of completion at the preparatory department, takes place without additional exams, but only based on the results of the interview.

Thus, the preparatory department in Ukraine helps the foreigner to master the basic skills and “to blend in” from the new academic year, keep up to the study and be as informed as local students.

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