Information technology

Information technologies occupy a leading place in the list of disciplines for the training of future professionals in Ukraine and around the world. Now computers are everywhere, and graduates with a higher education in these specialties are in high demand, as the technology requires not only maintenance, but also experiences a continuous development and modernization. Professions of programmers, webmasters, and system administrators are prestigious and interesting. The experts in this industry are among the top ten most highly paid in the world. The cost of studying in a Ukrainian higher education institution is relatively low, and, in the future, it is possible to work in any country of the world, because diplomas of Ukrainian educational institutions correspond to international standards. Ukrainian educational institutions are also famous for providing a high-quality education for future programmers.

Lviv National Music Academy named after MV Lysenko is one of the oldest musical colleges in Central and Eastern Europe. The history of the birth of LNMA named after MV Lysenko reaches the end of the XVIII century. Friederick Chopin Jozef Elsner and the younger son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Casaver Mozart, who, with their pedagogical and social activities, laid the foundation for the creation of the Conservatory in 1853 at the Galician Music Society
The Ukrainian Academy of Printing is the only autonomous university in Ukraine that prepares specialists for publishing and printing. In its 85-year history, it released tens of thousands of highly skilled professionals who today form the state's information space. For many years of innovative pedagogical activity on the modernization of education of the Ukrainian Academy of Printing, the honorary title "Leader of Modern Education" has been awarded.
Today our university is a powerful educational and scientific center of Ukraine. He has well-developed connections with machine-building factories and associations of Ukraine, enterprises of agro-industrial complex, transport, construction, power supply, financial and banking institutions and private firms, which are trained by specialists. His graduates will determine the image of Ukraine in the future. The University has broad international relations with educational institutions and research centers of Russia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Cuba, France, England, Germany and others. The training process involves representatives of the Peace Corps of the United States. Currently, 95 students from 14 countries of the far abroad study at the university, and over 550 specialists have been trained for 65 countries of the world.
Cherkasy State Technological University (CHTTU) is a modern higher educational institution with advanced educational, scientific and technological infrastructure, high intellectual potential. Provides qualitative training in 39 specialties. The 55-year history of the university is connected with the formation and development of engineering, economic and humanitarian education in the Cherkasy region, which provided educational activities in accordance with state standards, taking into account the demand for the international labor market. Scientific achievements and developments of CSTU are widely known in Ukraine and abroad, scientific and technical activities are at a high level and are aimed at the effective solution of important scientific and technical problems, activation of innovation activities, introduction of new technologies and models in practice.
The private private university is a non-state higher education institution, IV level of accreditation, founded in 1992. The mission of the Classic Private University is the organization of the highest level of scientific, educational, methodological, educational activities based on the principles of humanism and democracy, aimed at the education of a morally and physically healthy, highly intellectual generation, conscious citizens, highly qualified specialists, ready for work, ready to bear responsibility for the fate of society, state and humanity.
The Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine named after Gennadiy Udovenko at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (State Statistics Committee under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is a state educational and scientific institution of postgraduate education that provides training, retraining and professional training for the diplomatic staff and specialists from other state institutions for work in the field of international relations. The Academy was established in 1995 in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine "On state training of specialists for work in the field of international relations under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine" dated May 30, 1995, No. 397/95.