Information technology

Information technologies occupy a leading place in the list of disciplines for the training of future professionals in Ukraine and around the world. Now computers are everywhere, and graduates with a higher education in these specialties are in high demand, as the technology requires not only maintenance, but also experiences a continuous development and modernization. Professions of programmers, webmasters, and system administrators are prestigious and interesting. The experts in this industry are among the top ten most highly paid in the world. The cost of studying in a Ukrainian higher education institution is relatively low, and, in the future, it is possible to work in any country of the world, because diplomas of Ukrainian educational institutions correspond to international standards. Ukrainian educational institutions are also famous for providing a high-quality education for future programmers.

Kryvy Rih National University was founded on October 4, 1922, as the Kryvy Rih Evening Workers' College. In 1929 the technical school was transformed into an evening labor institute, and from 1931 - in the Kryvy Rih mining institute. Since 1994 the institute has acquired the status of a technical university. In 2011, the Kryvy Rih State University was established, which was granted the status of a national one. Currently, the Krivoy Rog National University comprises 8 faculties, two research institutes, and six colleges.
National Pedagogical Dragomanov University - the year of foundation in 1834. At present, the National Pedagogical Dragomanov offers his various educational opportunities for more than 16,000 students from all over Ukraine, as well as students from abroad, led by 2,500 teachers, 700 of them have a doctoral degree and almost 300 doctors of sciences. The University carries out training of specialists in 50 specialties of the bachelor's degree, 48-education-qualifying levels of a specialist, 52 - a master's degree.