One of the modern branches of education and science “Religious Studies” is taught in Ukrainian educational institutions with obtaining a degree of bachelor, master and PhD. The students study the achievements of world and national culture, social and religious events, carry out scientific work related to fundamental researches, master modern technology of publishing and media organization of publishing, methods of tours (religious and pilgrimages) organization, examination of pieces of art. The qualified professionals can be employed by occupation as teachers (schools, secondary and higher education institutions), consultants, managers (for example, religious tourism), experts (theological examinations), information and religious analysts, resource teachers, and research assistants.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • Teacher at schools, secondary and higher education institutions;
  • Consultant within public authorities on the matter of their cooperation with religious associations;
  • Touristic manager (area of focus – religious tourism);
  • Expert in public theological examination;
  • Information and religious analyst (journalist), covering the matters of interaction of religion and society;
  • Press secretary of legislative and executive authorities and religious organizations;
  • Resource teacher of philosophy and religious studies rooms;
  • Employee of research, museum and library institutions;
  • Expert in religious and sacred pieces of art
Ostroh Academy National University is the successor of the Ostroh Slavic, Greek and Latin Academy, the first higher educational institution of the Eastern Slavs. The Chronicles of the Revived Ostroh Academy in Independent Ukraine began in 1994 by the Decree of the President of Ukraine. In October 2000, the Ostroh Academy officially became a National University. The University has 5 faculties and the Institute of Law. I. Malinovsky, who offer 16 prestigious specialties: Faculty of Political Studies and Information Management ("Documentation and Information", "Political Studies", "Psychology"); Faculty of Economics ("Finance", "Economic Cybernetics"); Faculty of Romano-Germanic languages; Faculty of Humanities ("Culturology", "Ukrainian Philology", "Journalism", "Literary Studies", "Religious Studies", "Theology"); Faculty of International Relations ("History", "Country Studies", "International Relations"); Institute of Law of. I. Malinovsky ("Law").
The Southern Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after Konstantin Dmitrievich Ushinsky is one of the oldest educational institutions in Ukraine and the first pedagogical institution in the Northern Black Sea Region. Founded in the city of Odessa on May 2, 1817goda. Over the years of its existence, more than 100,000 specialists have been trained in its walls. According to the data of the SOPUS database, the university ranks first among the educational institutions of Ukraine. The University cooperates with 80 educational and scientific institutions from different countries.
The National Music Academy of Ukraine named after P.I.Tchaikovsky is the oldest leading Ukrainian higher education institution in the field of musical education. Reorganized in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine of September 5, 1995, the Academy became the successor of the P. I. Tchaikovsky Kyiv State Conservatory, founded in November 1913 at the Kyiv Music College, whose activities were once appreciated by prominent Russian musicians P. Tchaikovsky and A. Rubinstein.
The Ukrainian Academy of Printing is the only autonomous university in Ukraine that prepares specialists for publishing and printing. In its 85-year history, it released tens of thousands of highly skilled professionals who today form the state's information space. For many years of innovative pedagogical activity on the modernization of education of the Ukrainian Academy of Printing, the honorary title "Leader of Modern Education" has been awarded.
Cherkasy State Technological University (CHTTU) is a modern higher educational institution with advanced educational, scientific and technological infrastructure, high intellectual potential. Provides qualitative training in 39 specialties. The 55-year history of the university is connected with the formation and development of engineering, economic and humanitarian education in the Cherkasy region, which provided educational activities in accordance with state standards, taking into account the demand for the international labor market. Scientific achievements and developments of CSTU are widely known in Ukraine and abroad, scientific and technical activities are at a high level and are aimed at the effective solution of important scientific and technical problems, activation of innovation activities, introduction of new technologies and models in practice.
The private private university is a non-state higher education institution, IV level of accreditation, founded in 1992. The mission of the Classic Private University is the organization of the highest level of scientific, educational, methodological, educational activities based on the principles of humanism and democracy, aimed at the education of a morally and physically healthy, highly intellectual generation, conscious citizens, highly qualified specialists, ready for work, ready to bear responsibility for the fate of society, state and humanity.