One of the modern branches of education and science “Religious Studies” is taught in Ukrainian educational institutions with obtaining a degree of bachelor, master and PhD. The students study the achievements of world and national culture, social and religious events, carry out scientific work related to fundamental researches, master modern technology of publishing and media organization of publishing, methods of tours (religious and pilgrimages) organization, examination of pieces of art. The qualified professionals can be employed by occupation as teachers (schools, secondary and higher education institutions), consultants, managers (for example, religious tourism), experts (theological examinations), information and religious analysts, resource teachers, and research assistants.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • Teacher at schools, secondary and higher education institutions;
  • Consultant within public authorities on the matter of their cooperation with religious associations;
  • Touristic manager (area of focus – religious tourism);
  • Expert in public theological examination;
  • Information and religious analyst (journalist), covering the matters of interaction of religion and society;
  • Press secretary of legislative and executive authorities and religious organizations;
  • Resource teacher of philosophy and religious studies rooms;
  • Employee of research, museum and library institutions;
  • Expert in religious and sacred pieces of art
National Pedagogical Dragomanov University - the year of foundation in 1834. At present, the National Pedagogical Dragomanov offers his various educational opportunities for more than 16,000 students from all over Ukraine, as well as students from abroad, led by 2,500 teachers, 700 of them have a doctoral degree and almost 300 doctors of sciences. The University carries out training of specialists in 50 specialties of the bachelor's degree, 48-education-qualifying levels of a specialist, 52 - a master's degree.