The training of bachelors, masters and doctors of philosophy (PhD) majoring in “Physical Education and Sports” is carried out in Ukrainian educational institutions at the physical education department, including medical disciplines and rehabilitation techniques in the curriculum. The main scope of activity of the qualified professionals of this profession stipulates for working as teaching instructor in the youth athletic centre or Olympic training centres, managers and heads of sports organizations, as well as performing teaching activities. Teaching in Ukrainian higher education institutions is carried out using modern methods with the introduction of information technologies in the educational process, which significantly influences the success of training specialists, including specialists in physical education and sports.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • Teacher of physical education and sports in higher education institutions;
  • Teacher of physical rehabilitation in higher education institutions;
  • Teacher of physical education at school;
  • Selected sport trainer;
  • Rehabilitation teacher;
  • Rehabilitation therapist
  • Massage therapist;
  • Teacher of “motherland defence”;
  • Physical education instructor in preschool institution;
  • Physical education facilitator;
  • Instructor (organizer) of sporting mass activities at manufacturing site, in private company or at the place of residence;
  • Sports equipment operation expert;
  • Employee of public or non-governmental physical education governing bodies;
  • Employee of sport clubs and sports and health recreation camps.
The International Economic and Humanitarian University named after Academician Stepan Demyanchuk is the first private educational institution in Western Ukraine. Its formation began in 1993. According to the decision of the International Pedagogical Academy (IPA), the Rivne Scientific-Consultation Center (branch of the IPA), registered with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine as an institution with the right of training of specialists with higher education, started its activity. Over the past 16 years, the University has trained over 13,000 highly skilled professionals who have received state-level diplomas.
Studying at the University is carried out in 19 specialties and 36 educational bachelor's and master's programs, in particular, in pedagogy, management of socio-cultural activity, journalism, accounting and taxation, finance, banking and insurance, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, trade and stock-taking, law, software engineering, computer science, systems analysis, cyber security, information systems and technologies, publishing and printing, social security, tourism, public administration and administration, international relations, public communications and regional studies and international economic relations. From the separate educational programs in computer science and management, the English language is taught in the university.
Kryvy Rih National University was founded on October 4, 1922, as the Kryvy Rih Evening Workers' College. In 1929 the technical school was transformed into an evening labor institute, and from 1931 - in the Kryvy Rih mining institute. Since 1994 the institute has acquired the status of a technical university. In 2011, the Kryvy Rih State University was established, which was granted the status of a national one. Currently, the Krivoy Rog National University comprises 8 faculties, two research institutes, and six colleges.
National Pedagogical Dragomanov University - the year of foundation in 1834. At present, the National Pedagogical Dragomanov offers his various educational opportunities for more than 16,000 students from all over Ukraine, as well as students from abroad, led by 2,500 teachers, 700 of them have a doctoral degree and almost 300 doctors of sciences. The University carries out training of specialists in 50 specialties of the bachelor's degree, 48-education-qualifying levels of a specialist, 52 - a master's degree.