Education in Ukraine

Studying in Ukraine attracts students from all over the world and has European standards of quality. Higher education in Ukraine has undergone a number of stages in the formation and development of a system of various specialties, has earned the trust among foreign students, and due to its fundamentalism is considered one of the best in the world. In educational institutions, experienced teachers with academic degrees and recognition in academic circles, constantly improve their knowledge and teaching methods. In 2005, Ukraine joined the Bologna Process, which contributed to the integration of education into a single European educational space. This and many other reasons are the reason for the popularity of obtaining Ukrainian higher education among the world students.

Teaching material for foreign students is available in Ukrainian, Russian or English (exclusively in French or German). Today, there are about 240 educational institutions in the country that offer a variety of specialties and trained qualified specialists for many countries around the world. Every year, Ukraine hosts students from more than 150 countries of the world who successfully complete their studies, receive diplomas and work in their home countries, in Ukraine, in Europe or in America.

Education at Ukrainian universities requires training in accordance with the following qualification levels: first level – junior bachelor (bachelor); second level – master’s degree; The third level is the doctor of philosophy (doctor of sciences).

Enrollment for studying foreign students in higher educational institutions of Ukraine is carried out in accordance with accredited educational programs. To qualify as a junior bachelor, bachelor or master – twice a year at the beginning of academic semesters (before November 1 and before March 1). Admission to postgraduate study, doctorate, clinical residency and medical residency (medical specialty) is carried out according to the programs of the faculty of preparation and programs of academic mobility – during the year.