In order to protect the life of a person, the property, housing, and other facilities and objects, the fire safety regulations are developed, which are subsequently controlled and ensured by specialists. Fire safety experts are in demand on the labour market, and it is possible to obtain the corresponding profession in Ukrainian higher educational institutions. The training program meets the modern requirements and involves the study of legislative fire regulations, orders and instructions on fire safety, mastering of skills of interaction with state authorities and the population for the instruction, implementation and observance of fire safety rules. The certified specialists are employed in state authorities and self-government, management companies in housing complexes, enterprises, engaged in scientific work to develop methods and ways for avoiding fire hazard.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • unit chief (military gas and mining rescue, flight, fire);
  • chief of guard of a separate fire station;
  • chief of fire safety team;
  • chief of fire patrol, watchman service;
  • research assistant (civil construction);
  • research assistant (research institutes);
  • engineer (civil construction);
  • construction supervision engineer;
  • design and estimate works engineer;
  • design engineer (civil construction);
  • teacher of higher educational institution.
Cherkasy Fire Safety Institute named after Heroes of Chornobyl - the higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation of the state form of ownership. The Institute carries out training of specialists in the field of fire safety, civil defense, psychology, ecology, law, labor protection. The educational institution has a strong scientific and pedagogical potential of a well-developed material and technical base, which allows the Institute to continuously develop in accordance with the requirements of time for qualitative European education. An important component is practical training, including participation in international exercises, together with delegations of specialized educational institutions of European countries. The Institute has a significant European experience thanks to its close cooperation with fire and rescue services and educational institutions of the EU and the CIS.