Chemical and biological engineering

Almost all modern devices are equipped with automation facilities, including household appliances, cars, industrial equipment. Advanced automation technology helps improve product quality and productivity, so the profession of electrical technician is promising, prestigious and relevant. You can obtain a profession in Ukrainian higher educational institutions, focused on the training of qualified specialists on the basis of real production facilities. The certified specialists are in demand at various enterprises and organizations where it is necessary to operate and manage equipment, computer networks and automated systems. The graduates of higher education institutions can be employed with decent wages or continue their postgraduate studies and carry out research.

The National Pharmaceutical University is an elite and prestigious institution of higher education in Ukraine and Europe. The University is subordinated to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and has the status of a base among Ukrainian higher education institutions in implementing the Bologna principles. The University Diploma guarantees an ideal career in many countries around the world. More than 6500 citizens from 93 countries have received the Master of Pharmacy degree and successfully continue their careers.