Ukrainian higher education institutions invite entrants to master the discipline of Biology that is in demand on the labour market. The relatively low cost of studies is a significant advantage in the choice of Ukrainian higher education institutions. Biologists (zoologists, botanists, microbiologists, ecologists, genetics) can engage in scientific research in various fields of science, such as biology, pharmacology, ecology, medicine, agriculture, food industry, educational and advisory activities. Specialist training includes Bachelor’s degree course, Master’s degree course and postgraduate degree course (optional). Every year students attend international conferences to increase their knowledge, listen to colleagues’ reports, or present their own project.


Zaporizhzhya National University is a higher educational institution of state ownership, the chronicle of which is almost 90 years old. Back in the 1940's, he took one of the leading places among Ukrainian pedagogical institutions and remains the leader of the educational services of our country.
The Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy (UIAA) is the only higher educational institution in Ukraine specializing in the training of engineer educators. This unique profession combines engineering and pedagogy. Graduates of UIPA can teach engineering disciplines at universities or work as managers and engineers at industrial enterprises or in design firms.
The Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport is a modern educational institution with a high international reputation in the field of education and research. At the faculties of the University - construction, mechanical, economic, transportation management, as well as automation, telemechanics and communications - students are trained in various specialties for work in railway transport and in other branches of the economy - IT, construction, logistics, etc. The university has four educational buildings with modern equipped laboratories, scientific and technical library for 1.5 million volumes, media library, computer centers, sports halls and dormitories.
Uman National University of Horticulture is a multi-profile higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation, where specialists are trained in licensed specialties of the educational level "Bachelor", "Specialist", "Master" and personnel of higher qualification through postgraduate studies and doctoral studies. Students' education is carried out in 15 areas and 24 specialties. The university consists of 6 faculties: (agronomy, fruit and vegetable, ecology and plant protection, management, economics and entrepreneurship, engineering and technology, forestry and garden and park management), the Institute of Postgraduate Education, the educational and research department, the department of pre-university training, Department of International Relations, Center for Culture and Education. The international scientific activity of the University is conducted within the framework of 32 agreements on cooperation with foreign educational institutions, scholarship programs and grants.
Created in accordance with the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 3, 2014 № 788-р "Some issues of the formation of the University of Customs and Finance, and the Finance" by the way of the organization of the Akademii and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk state-level financial academy and putsim ix prihodineniya to the Univercity of the customs and financial affairs.
The University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine has provided all the conditions for successful training, created the proper material and technical base: an auditorium, a powerful scientific and pedagogical potential, organization of life and leisure students, information provision. The students are equipped with modern educational laboratory buildings, scientific and electronic libraries with reading rooms, congress hall, atrium, assembly halls, dining room, youth cafes, medical facilities and modern dormitories. Students can study on the courses of intensive study of foreign languages, computer theory; Participate in the work of the student scientific community, the organizations of self-management, creative collectivists, and the spontaneous life of the Univercity.