Ukrainian higher education institutions invite entrants to master the discipline of Biology that is in demand on the labour market. The relatively low cost of studies is a significant advantage in the choice of Ukrainian higher education institutions. Biologists (zoologists, botanists, microbiologists, ecologists, genetics) can engage in scientific research in various fields of science, such as biology, pharmacology, ecology, medicine, agriculture, food industry, educational and advisory activities. Specialist training includes Bachelor’s degree course, Master’s degree course and postgraduate degree course (optional). Every year students attend international conferences to increase their knowledge, listen to colleagues’ reports, or present their own project.


Poltava University of Economics and Trade (PUET) is one of the leading universities in Central Ukraine. He trains specialists in the field of information technology, administration and administration, social and behavioral sciences, culture and art, services, technology of food production, biotechnology, law, philology. Among all Ukrainian universities, PUET is considered to be open and friendly for foreign students - more than 300 students who come from 20 countries of the world, have chosen PUET as the basis for their future career.
European University Private Higher Educational Institution The European University was founded in 1991. During its 25 years of operation, the University has gained significant authority among the educational and business community in Ukraine. Today's European University is a modern multi-disciplinary institution. Tens of thousands of future specialists are trained and retrained here according to different forms of training. Creation of a new higher educational institution was the answer to the challenges of time and the needs of young independent Ukraine in new specialists: managers, marketers, economists, computer specialists.
Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (IAPM) was founded in 1989 as a private higher educational and scientific institution. IAPM is the biggest economic and humanitarian higher educational institution of Ukraine. Here study students from 39 countries, of 17 specialties, 93 specializations, 8 disciplines. Academy includes Presidential University (Kyiv), Ukrainian University (over 40 institutes, branches and subsidiaries in all regions of Ukraine) and International Open University (International Preparatory Institute in Kyiv, network of IAPM open education centres abroad). The educational process in the Academy is provided by over 2,300 teachers, 70% of whom have Ph.Ddegree.