The scope of activity of metrology engineers covers almost all industries. It is a relevant and prestigious profession that involves the use of the latest information and measurement systems in technological processes of any level. Their duties also include standardization and product certification. The specialists trained in Ukrainian higher educational institutions are notable for a high level of knowledge, have a demand abroad and can work on their own projects. The students have the opportunity to practice at real modern enterprises, to increase the level of knowledge in communicating with specialists during open lectures and seminars. The graduates may be employed at enterprises engaged in metrology, private institutions, research institutes, in public organizations. They may carry out consulting and educational activities.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • electronic device design engineer
  • software engineer
  • electronic device operating engineer
  • metrologist
Sumy State University (Sumy State University) is the leading higher educational institution in the Sumy region, as well as throughout Ukraine. SSU is a modern European university that provides quality education and combines research with practical application and science. There are about 16,000 people studying at the university in different forms of education (educational qualification levels and educational qualifications of junior specialist, bachelor, specialist and master's degree) in 46 specialties of 22 branches of knowledge. About 1300 foreign students from almost 50 countries of the world receive education.
Most students are studying at "Ternopil National Technical University named after Ivan Puluj" by combining the values ​​of education, culture and experience. The University seeks to provide all students, the leaders of tomorrow, with the best higher education and training for their chosen career. Multilevel educational programs are focused on the experience of the best technical universities in the world. The Ivan Puluj National Technical University offers students a wide range of academic programs and subject courses. Future students are also offered preparatory courses (one year long) and the regional CISCO academy, IT skills and career development. Graduates continue their careers all over the world and advance in science, industry and commerce.
Kharkiv National Air Force University I. Kozheduba is a multi-disciplinary higher educational establishment with highly qualified teachers, modern educational and material equipment, and developed infrastructure. The University was founded in 1930. The University also trains foreign students in all accredited specialties at the level of all the qualified requirements of the bachelor, specialist and master on the basis of international agreements of Ukraine, state programs, contracts concluded by the university with legal and natural persons. Since its inception, the University has trained specialists for 27 countries of the world.
Kherson National Technical University is an autonomous higher education institution of the IV level of accreditation, which trains highly qualified specialists in various fields, trains scientific staff, conducts fundamental and applied scientific research, develops international cooperation with higher educational institutions and enterprises. The structure of the university consists of 5 faculties, 26 departments, of which 20 are graduates. Educational process is provided by 341 scientific and pedagogical worker of the University, including 187 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 57 doctors of sciences, professors.
The National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMetAU) is the oldest higher metallurgical educational institution in Ukraine, which was founded in October 1899. In 1993, the University was granted the status of the State Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, and in 1999, by the Decree of the President of Ukraine, the status of the National. The academy cooperates with international agreements, programs, projects, grants from universities, firms, scientists from the USA, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, China, Moldova and other countries of the world.
The National Mining University is the only specialized mining institution in Ukraine with more than 117 years of experience. The university trains highly qualified specialists and scientists from all modern specialties of geological exploration and mining industries, energy and ecology, mechanical engineering and automation systems. This is an educational and research institution of a research type with a modern educational laboratory base and high scientific potential.