Hydrotechnical construction, water engineering and hydraulic technology

Hydrotechnical construction is an important industry activity involving the development of the World Ocean (seas, oceans, and rivers), the construction of ports, and protection of the coastline from destruction. Functioning of the port zones has a national significance. Ukraine has access to two seas (The Azov and The Black) and one of the largest rivers in the world (The Dnieper), so it is beneficial to obtain the speciality “hydraulic engineer” in Ukrainian higher educational institutions. The graduates have extensive employment opportunities and can work almost in all areas of construction, at ship repair and shipbuilding enterprises, in ports and berths. Those who obtain the master’s degree are involved in research and teaching activities. The students may attend international internships, conferences and seminars.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • Geodesist
  • Hydraulic engineer
  • Safety engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Optimization engineer
  • Construction supervisor
  • Laboratory engineer
  • Labour organization and rating engineer;
  • Design and estimate works engineer;
  • Principal project engineer;
  • Seaport chief;
  • Scientist and teacher at educational institutions.
Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University is a powerful research and educational center with a history dating back to 1630. 9 departments of the university offer education in the field of agro-biotechnology, veterinary medicine, biotechnology, ecology, law and linguistics, postgraduate training, preparatory courses and advanced training courses. The university employs 5 research institutes, 13 research laboratories, the Institute of Postgraduate Education for managers and veterinary experts, the Institute for European Integration, the Research Institute of Economics and Business, 8 colleges, research institutions and manufacturing enterprises. The total number of students is more than 10,000.
The Tavriya State Agrotechnical University is one of the most prominent centers of agricultural education and science in the southern region of Ukraine, which includes 5 faculties, 6 educational and research institutes and 6 colleges. The main task of the university is to provide young generation education that meets European standards of education. The Tavriya State Agrotechnical University provides high-quality education, innovative technologies, practical classes, foreign training, sports, art and exciting student life.
Cherkasy State Technological University (CHTTU) is a modern higher educational institution with advanced educational, scientific and technological infrastructure, high intellectual potential. Provides qualitative training in 39 specialties. The 55-year history of the university is connected with the formation and development of engineering, economic and humanitarian education in the Cherkasy region, which provided educational activities in accordance with state standards, taking into account the demand for the international labor market. Scientific achievements and developments of CSTU are widely known in Ukraine and abroad, scientific and technical activities are at a high level and are aimed at the effective solution of important scientific and technical problems, activation of innovation activities, introduction of new technologies and models in practice.
Chernigiv National Technological University (CHNTU) -. is one of the leading higher educational institutions in the north of Ukraine. The activities of the university began in 1960. Accreditation level - IV (highest in Ukraine). Today it is a multi-profile higher educational institution, which includes pre-university training system, 2 colleges, 4 educational institutes, 9 faculties, postgraduate education and advanced training center, postgraduate studies and doctoral studies. In the world rankings, CSTU annually enrolls in the top 50 universities of Ukraine and consolidates its position in 12% of the world's best universities. The University is a signatory of the Grand Charter of Universities.
Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan is a higher educational institution in Dnepropetrovsk, which prepares engineers for rail transport. Works since 1930. Until now, the University has trained about 60,000 professionals, including foreign students.
Kharkiv National University of Construction and Architecture of KhNUBA is a higher educational institution of the city of Kharkiv. It was created on the basis of the construction faculty of the Kharkiv Institute of Technology and the Architectural Faculty of the Kharkiv Art Institute in 1930. The 9 departments and 37 departments of the university are preparing bachelors, specialists and masters for 13 specialties in the field of construction, architecture, economics, management and ecology. 17 departments are releasing.