Agronomy is a science of the laws of agriculture, methods of effective cultivation of crops. The profession of agronomist is interesting and aimed at helping humanity overcome the problems of hunger in the world. The key task of the specialists is to increase the quantity of crop and ensure its quality; therefore this profession is perspective and constantly in demand on the labour market. The training at Ukrainian higher educational institutions includes obtaining a qualification degree of bachelor, master or PhD. The study provides qualified teachers, a real practical base, the possibility of a foreign internship – and this list includes many more educational benefits in Ukraine. The certified agronomists are proficient in marketing, management and economics of agricultural production, work in agribusinesses and in agricultural chemical laboratories.

Professions (positions) by occupation:

  • chief agronomist of the farm, administration;
  • research assistant;
  • agricultural production engineer of crop production and storage company;
  • consultancy manager of representative office of leading marketing firms, functioning at the agrarian market of Ukraine;
  • advisor, expert advisor;
  • credit and insurance expert;
  • agricultural enterprise chief.
Lviv National Agrarian University is a modern educational institution. It has more than 18 thousand students. At six faculties, they acquire knowledge of 18 specialties and 40 specializations. All those who need it are given a place in one of the 6 dormitories of the university. They have all the conditions for learning, living and active leisure. The University has a modern material and technical base and relevant research structures in order to successfully engage in research work at the present level.
Today, Nikolaev National Agrarian University is one of the leading educational and research institutes of higher education in the south of Ukraine. The material and technical basis for the preparation of foreign students is as follows: high-quality audiences with modern multimedia equipment; Qualified comprehensive methodological support; specialized laboratories that contain all the necessary equipment and software for training and improving the quality of educational services for students.
National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky" is the largest technical university in Ukraine and one of the leading universities in Europe and the world. The University is among the best universities in the world under the QS World University Rankings. KPI provides a multi-level education system "Bachelor - Master - PhD and Ph.D. (Ph.D., D.Sc.).
National University of Bioresources and Natural Resources of Ukraine is one of the leading universities in our country and well-known all over the world. He is the center of agricultural education, science and culture in Ukraine. Since 1950, more than 3,000 foreign students from 89 countries have graduated from the University. Among them more than 500 graduates received a candidate and doctor of sciences.
National Forestry University of Ukraine is a higher educational institution in Lviv. It is mainly located in New World. The university has more than 5000 students. There are more than 370 qualified teachers at 32 departments. Among them are well-known scientists, Honored Scientists and Technicians, Honored Workers of National Education of Ukraine, State Prize Laureates of Ukraine, Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctors of Sciences, professors, associate professors. The University was one of the first to introduce a graduate system of training specialists, as well as modular rating technology training, new information technology training based on modern computer technology and information networks. The University developed 15 state standards of education in the forestry sector, which laid fundamentally new elements of modern didactics - environmental education.